The Devon – Newfoundland Story

Devon has strong historic links with the Canadian Province of Newfoundland dating back to the 16th-century, with boats from local ports sailing annually to waters of Newfoundland to fish for cod. Initially men left Devon in April and returned in the autumn, but gradually land bases were established and they began to overwinter. In 1583,

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Food, Farming and Fishing in Devon During the First World War

Devon History Society members collaborated during 2015-6 with the University of Exeter on a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Everyday Lives in War project. The first essays written by members were published in September 2015 and are available here: Food Farming & Fishing in Devon

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Farmsteads and the Historic Environment in East Devon

Call for conference papers. The 2017 East Devon AONB Historic Environment Conference will be held on 22 April at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. The core area is, as usual, East Devon, but presentations linking farmsteads with the surrounding historic farming environment from other parts of Devon will also be considered.  If you have a paper

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