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Devon Museums

An interactive map showing the locations of museums in Devon.


Devon Tithe Maps and Tithe Apportionments

Devon County Council Historic Environment

Online copies of the original tithe maps, tithe apportionments and transcriptions of the tithe apportionments.

Scroll down the page to ‘Select Parish’.  Select a parish from the drop-down and click ‘submit’.

Click ‘Tithe Apportionment’ to view the original document.  Click ‘PDF’ to view, print and save the apportionment transcription, or ‘CSV’ to download and open in Excel where it can be sorted and saved.

The tithe map at the bottom of the page can be zoomed to view in more detail (note: it cannot be saved except as a screenshot).

Devon Tithe Maps

Devon County Council Historic Environment

The Devon tithe maps presented as a seamless geo-referenced layer.

Scroll down the ‘Disclaimer page’ and click ‘I accept’.

Select ‘Tithe Maps’ from the ‘Map Options, Basemaps’, top right of screen.  To clear any other layers click the check boxes on the left of the screen.

Devon Tithe Apportionments

The Devon tithe apportionment transcriptions for all parishes have been merged together into a single CSV file.  This file is large, 65 MB, and older computers may not load the file correctly so for ease of use this large file has been split in two.

Note: these transcriptions have not been checked for accuracy.

The files are sorted alphabetically by parish and then tithe plot number.

Devon Tithe Apportionment Transcriptions – All Devon parishes

Devon Tithe Apportionment Transcriptions Part 1 – Abbots Bickington – Kingskerswell

Devon Tithe Apportionment Transcriptions Part 2 – Kingsteignton – Zeal Monachorum

These files are large and will take a short time to download.  When opening it may take several seconds for the full spreadsheet to appear.

Know Your Place South West

The Devon tithe maps presented as a seamless geo-referenced layer.

Click ‘Basemaps’ top right of screen to select the ‘Main map’ and ‘Comparison map’ which are then viewed side by side.

Click ‘Information layer’ at the bottom of the panel to view other overlay layers which can be checked as required.  As a layer is selected points appear on the map which, when clicked, display further information.  By clicking ‘Search’ details can be entered as required and a list of the results is presented which in turn can be clicked to display their location on the map from the layer selected.

National Library of Scotland Map Images

A large range of old maps from across the UK, including 25 Inch Ordnance Survey 1873-1888 mapping and a number of town sections at 1:500 scale covering SW England, presented as geo-referenced layers on modern mapping.


Key to English Place Names

Institute for Name Studies/University of Nottingham

Enter a place name in the search box or select a county for an interactive map of place names.  Click on a point of the map for the derivation and references to the name.