Supporting and celebrating new research to engage audiences with Devon’s rich past


About  the Devon History Society

The Devon History Society is a registered charity that promotes the study of all aspects of Devon’s history through:

  • lectures, meetings, conferences and visits
  • publications: newsletter and journal and the website
  • workshops to support research skills
  • affiliation for local history societies to share research and take part in DHS activities
  • opportunities to take part in DHS research projects

The Devon History Society also:

  • maintains a list of speakers on Devon history topics
  • undertakes research projects
  • annually awards prizes for research and publications
  • is involved with other organisations to promote the history of Devon
  • is an advocate for improving access to resources for local history research, in particular through working with the Heritage Service Centres in Devon and with Devon’s universities
  • is responsive to its membership to meet their aspirations in promoting the study of Devon’s history