Way of the Wharves (East the Water, Bideford)

This community volunteer project started in early 2016 researching and presenting the history of the wharves and surrounding area of East the Water, Bideford.

East the Water, connected by the long bridge to the town of Bideford, has a long industrial history. Lime kilns, potteries, ‘Bideford Black’ mines, shipbuilding and associated trades, together with transport links from the ancient river ford, the medieval bridge, shipping and later the railway. All this created a vibrant community with pubs and shops, local stories and traditions. The group has pulled together a large amount of information about the history of the wharves; maps, pictures, and transcriptions and this has been collated into both hard copy folders and electronic form. Additionally we have been recording oral histories from local residents.

The area is going through another period of rapid change with new housing and people entering the community and there is a strong interest in the local history. Torridge District Council have just signed an agreement for the redevelopment of the wharves and Way of the Wharves will work with the council and the developer to ensure the heritage and history is recorded and displayed.

The group is keen to attract more volunteers.




Way of the Wharves