Branscombe Project


The Branscombe Project, established in the mid-1990s, coordinates a variety of events, research projects and activities relating to Branscombe village and the wider landscape: “anywhere from prehistoric times to the present … to explore changing landscapes, changing lives, historical materials, and living memories … We put on annual exhibitions, winter talks, documentary dramas and ‘disappeared houses’ walks. We have covered topics as diverse as Branscombe Ghosts, Maps, Farming, Cliff Plats, Orchards, Shops & Trades, the Churchyard, Lace Making, Smuggling, Outside Loos, Road History, School History, Hedgerow Dating, Archaeological Excavation & Field-walking, House & Family Histories, Gardens, the Blackshirts, and the wreck of the Napoli”.  Events and activities are open to all: there is no subscription and no membership list.


The Branscombe Project