The Norman Conquest Masterclass: The South-West and Beyond

Autumn 1066 witnessed one of the most important events in British history: the Noman Conquest.

This was an event of global significance, with effects still being felt today. It was also an intensely local event, keenly felt by the inhabitants of England’s many regions. The South-West had a particularly important part to play, especially during the early years after 1066. The region was a hotbed of resistance – resistance only quashed when William arrived in force to besiege Exeter under dramatic circumstances in 1068.

In this masterclass, a series of prominent experts at the University of Exeter will lead you through the intense events of 1066 and the following years, with a particular eye to the experiences of the West Country. Using a wide range of original evidence, including precious archaeological finds and rare coins, we will discuss:

  • How and why the Conquest happened;
  • The way this was commemorated;
  • What this meant for the average men and women of England;
  • How this can be traced in the archaeological record.

We will take you to visit some important historical monuments to the Conquest, including an expert tour of Exeter Castle (first erected following the siege of 1068) and a guided visit to the Cathedral Library and Archives, where we will examine a charter of the Conqueror (one of only six to survive in its original format) and the priceless Exon Domesday, a unique witness to the early stages of producing Domesday Book.

No prior knowledge is expected or required – only a passion for history!


  • Talks and tours led by six world-leading experts
  • Chance to examine first-hand original archaeological finds and coins
  • Guided tour of Exeter Castle, erected by the Conqueror
  • Visit to the Exeter Cathedral Library and Archives, including examination of an original charter of 1069 and Exon Domesday (an early version of Domesday Book)


There are limited spaces available, the introduction price is £175.00 per ticket.

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