Devon Suffrage Activists Index

Web pages with biographies of the individuals listed below are available where hyper-linked.

Abbott, Miss Mabel
Acland, Mrs Eleanor, later Lady Acland
Acland, Lady (Emily Anna)
Adams, Miss Sophie
Aitken-Davies, Miss Eliza
Allen, Miss
Andrew, The Misses Clara, Edith & Mary
Andrew, Mrs Hilda

Baker, Rev Harriet (Hatty)
Baker, Mrs Edith and Miss Edith
Baker, Miss Nellie
Bale, Dr Rosa
Ball, Miss Annie
Baly, Miss Adelaide
Beale, Mrs Ella Margaret
Bourchardt, Miss Malvina
Bowring, Lady (Deborah)
Bragg, Misses Margaret & Susan
Brine, Mrs Caroline
Browne, Miss Annie Leigh
Bull, Miss Laura

Chapman, Mrs Edith
Chesnutt, Miss Florence
Chichester, Miss Rosalie Caroline
Clarence, Miss Edith
Clodd, Miss Mary
Cockrem, Miss Mary
Crowle, Mrs Beatrice

Davis, Miss Angela
Daw, Miss Winifred
Daymond, Mrs Clara
Deeley, The Misses Leila & Edith
Dutton, Miss Annie

Earp, Miss Sophie
Eldridge, Miss Margaret
Eliott-Drake, Lady

Fausten, Mrs Mary
Fearon, Miss Anstice
Fell, Miss Rachel
Fewins, Mrs Edith
Fletcher, Mrs Olga
Frood, Mrs Mary & the Misses Hester & Constance
Fursdon, Mrs Florence

Garland, Miss Alison

Hammond, Mrs Mary
Harding, Miss Rose
Harston, Miss Leonie
Hartley, Mrs Marie
Hepburn, Miss Olive
Holman, Mrs Thyra

Jefferd, Mrs Ada
Jones, Mrs Helen

Kelly, Miss Margaret
Kelsall, Miss Lilian
Keys, Miss Gwynneth
Knight-Bruce, Mrs Louisa

Lake, Miss Bertha
Langley, Miss Rosalind
Latimer, Miss Frances
Leng, Misses Emma & Minnie
Linscott, Mrs Maud
Lockyer, Lady (Thomazine)
Lucraft, Miss Ann
Luxmoore, Miss Marion

Mallock, The Misses Charlotte, Harriet & Catherine
Mangan, Mrs Elsie
Martin, Miss Edith
Mathieson, Miss Ethel
Miles, Miss Violet
Mills, Miss Mary
Mills-Young, Miss Florence
Monck-Mason, Miss Winifred  (Active in London)
Montague, Mrs Amy
Montague, Misses Zoe & Ruth
Montgomery, Mrs Adelaide
Montgomery, Miss Jessie
Mortlock-Brown, Dr Constance

Newby, Mrs Marie du Sautoy
Noddall, Miss Frances
Norrington, Misses Marjorie & Muriel
Northcote, Lady Rosalind

Ogle, Miss Camilla
Oliver, Mrs Mary
O’Regan, Mrs Lilybelle

Pares, Mrs Rosamond
Penney, Miss Mary
Penry, Mrs Marian
Petherick, Miss Edith
Phear, Miss Ethel & Miss Winifred
Phillips, Mrs Juanita
Phillips, Mrs & Miss Marion
Pinckney, Miss Mary
Portsmouth, Eveline, Countess of
Potter, Miss Mary  (Active in London)
Preston-Whyte, Miss Joanna
Pring, Mrs Mary

Radford, the Misses Florence, Ada & Edith
Ramsay, Mrs Annie
Ramsay, Dr Mabel
Retallack, Miss Joan
Ross, Miss Lily

Sandeman, Mrs Belinda & Miss Linda
Sanford, Misses Alice & Edith
Shapcott, Miss Mary
Shaw, Mrs Sophie
Simpson, Mrs Sarah Louisa
Skinner, Miss Caroline
Slater, Miss Maud
Splatt, Miss Edith
Stuart, Miss Florence

Thrupp, Mrs Anne
Tickell, Miss Henrietta
Tierney, Miss Caroline
Tomkins, Miss Margaret
Tozer, Mrs Beatrice (Active in London)
Tuker, Miss Mildred
Turner, Mrs Marion
Tyerman, Miss Hilda

Ulyat, Mrs Mary

Veley, Mrs Lilian (Active in London)

Wharry, Miss Olive
Willcocks, Miss Mary
Wodehouse, Miss Christine
Wodehouse, Dr Helen (Active in Yorkshire)
Worthington, Mrs Evelyn