Tramway Acts and Railway Orders

I have recently been working on a collection of Parliamentary Tramway Acts and Railway Orders, and came across some referring to towns and cities in Devon which might be of interest to historians in Devon. The Acts and Orders are:

Sutton Harbour (Tramways) Act 1872
Devonport Corporation (General Powers) Act 1902
An Act to Authorize The Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway Company to vary the Line of a certain part of the said Railway; and to amend the Acts passed for making the said Railway. 2nd July 1821
Devonport Light Railway Order 1905

The 1902 Act and 1905 Order have both been removed from bound books, the 1821 and 1872 Acts have been specially printed and sill have what appears to be the original ribbon binding them. They are in quite good condition, although the older Acts are torn and ragged around the edges of the pages.

I will be happy to send them to anyone who will be interested in them.
Hannah Bale.

Curatorial Assistant, The National Tramway Museum, Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5DP
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