Devonshire Association President’s Devon Walk – Conclusions

Members of the society may be interested to know that my recent walking & lecturing trek from Lyme Regis to Hartland has finished successfully.  There were good audiences each night and it was interesting how different these were.  Shebbear & Hartland had a greater portion of Devon born & bred people whereas Sidmouth & Seaton were interesting for the number of people who had retired to Devon.  There was a corresponding effect on the topics that were of interest – particularly regarding the collective nicknames which had been given to residents of parishes & villages.  I was able to include other Elizabethan words used in Devon or the West Country which I have recently written up in Strumpets & Ninnycocks and I was intrigued by how many I had thought were commonly understood but were occasionally unknown (mazed and furze for example).  The aim of the trek was to promote interest in the history of Devon and I tried to stress not just the work of the Devonshire Association and of this society but of all the county history groups. I am pleased to write that audiences were greatly enthusiastic audiences about their county and its heritage.


Todd Gray