Collective Names given to Devon Villagers

I am in the midst of bringing together the collective names given to Devon villagers.  Some of these nicknames were noted by the Devonshire Association in the late 1800s and early 1900s but many others appear not to have been collected.  For example, I know that in Cadbury the villagers were known as Cocks and that others were:

Cadeleigh, Hens
Chagford, Chuggy Pigs
Challacombe, Horniwinks
Chawleigh, Boars
Clannaborough, Candlesticks

I have 111 so far and am hoping to gather as many others as possible.  If you have heard of a name could you let me know if your knowledge comes from a printed or manuscript source or if this is an oral tradition?

Please forward any information you have via the DHS secretary on the ‘Contact’ page on this web site.


Thank you


Todd Gray