Step Back in Time 2017

Step Back in Time is a bit like a time machine.  Step through the entrance and be transported back through recent history, all the way to the dark ages.  A fun weekend for all the family.

Thanks to the many exhibitors who attend this event each year, we cover a wide range of significant periods in history.  Each period is represented either by living history exhibits, where re-enactors live the way they would have done at a particular point in time, or, in the case of more recent history, exhibits such as tools and vehicles, even domestic equipment, represent their unique point in time.

Some of the history goes so far back in time, that we are still digging it up!  We are delighted to be joined by ACE Archaeology Club, of Winkleigh, who are undertaking an archaeological dig at our Moistown site, which you can see in action at the festival.

The Step Back in Time Festival, held at Broadwoodkelly, near Winkleigh, is set by the remains of a medieval manor house, within an ancient landscape. It brings together Re-enactment groups from throughout the ages.

From Dumnonika, who represent the life of a Briton in the Iron Age, when the Romans had forts within easy contact, to the Vikings who raided and settled the region from about 790 until the Norman conquest of 1066. The Oathsworn Warband , amongst others, will represent these times, and their descendants. Kernow Levy, and similar groups, will help you to discover what it was like to live in the medieval times. From Knight to a member of the peasantry, by the King’s decree, all had to train in the arts of war as part of their Hundred. Thanks to Hazelgrove Archery, this year will also see demonstrations of the Arts of the projectile weapon.

Inspired by the local histories, all these groups will show you live demonstrations of the fighting arts and styles of their times.

Because life was not all warfare, there is a living history encampment, with demonstrations of the crafts of living, and examples of contemporary music performed by members of The Harpies of Havoc.

Who knows who, (and what time they came from), you will bump into as you Step Back in Time…

For Exhibitors & Trade Booking – please visit: http://www.step-back-in-time.co.uk/Booking-Form.html

Information Pack: http://www.step-back-in-time.co.uk/downloads/2017/2017-info-pack.pdf