Centenary of Ambrosia in Lifton

Lifton Local History Group will be holding an exhibition to help celebrate the Centenary of Ambrosia in Lifton The exhibition will include photos, artefacts, written records, audio reminiscences of past/present employees, a children’s competition and more…

Founded by Albert Morris in 1917 the Ambrosia Creamery has over the years employed a great many local residents and still does today.  Starting originally with a dozen staff, the original creamery made a rich food for infants from milk from local farmers, but was also consumed by  soldiers still fighting the First World War.

Just before the Second World War the creamery was the first to start making creamed rice pudding in a tin.  In 1957, the creamery opened a new factory near to the original production site.  In 1990 the company was acquired by Coleman’s Ltd which was later acquired by Unilever and then in 2004 it was sold to Premier Foods, but its still referred to locally as Ambrosia.

The much loved Ambrosia Rice and Devon Creamy Custard are still produced today along with several new Ambrosia products.

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