Torquay mystery photo

Stuart Bissell has sent us a school photo - 1920s, probably Torquay area. Could any readers help with identifying the location?

Mystery photo - click to enlarge

Stewart writes:

I am trying to gain information about a previous relative now deceased. In her effects I found a photograph in a card holder with the heading; "An Enlargement by The Lightning Studios, Croft Road, Torquay." I am thereby assuming that the photograph enclosed is from the Torquay area. I am attaching the photograph. The interior certainly looks like a school. It is evident that the girls outnumber the boys and as the relation was involved in Sunday Schools in Birmingham and may have been visiting, it may have some bearing on this. Could you through your contacts throw any light on this please?

A couple of minor points from the photo: 1) from the light clothing and that it's still bright at 4pm, the picture was taken in the summmer; 2) the cross logos in the upper panes of the entrance doors suggest it might be a religious establishment.

If you have any ideas, please contact and I'll forward them to Stewart.

- RG