The House that Moved

An Exeter Express & Echo story, Exeter charity's model prize (November 18, 2009), is a reminder of an interesting conservation project nearly 50 years ago, when the early 15th century Merchant House, Exeter, was moved 100 metres to save it from demolition during clearance for the building of the new inner bypass.

See Mr C Brewer's photo-essay The House that Moved at Exeter Memories, which links to the BBC South West video archive of the same name:

This fascinating black & white film from 1961 shows the ingenious engineering required to move an entire 16th century Tudor house. Now known as 'The House that Moved' - the timber framed building was hauled on rollers to make way for a new inner by-pass.

The film includes various shots of the house as it is lifted onto rollers and manoeuvred inch by inch up the street. The footage includes an interview with the man in charge of the operation.

360 Cities has an interactive panoramic photo of the house in its current location.
- RG

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