Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries

Many readers will be aware of the venerable journal Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, still going strong after over a century. A number of early issues can be found at the Internet Archive.

Volume 1, part 1, Jan 1900
Volume 1, Jan 1900 - Oct 1901
Volume 2, Jan 1902 - Oct 1903
Volume 3, Jan 1904 - Oct 1905
Volume 3, parts 5-8, Jan 1905
Volume 4, Jan 1906 - Oct 1907
Volume 9, Jan 1916 - Oct 1917
Volume 11, Jan 1920 - Oct 1921

The metadata is somewhat confusing; there are a few titles with the same Publisher, James G Commin, wrongly listed as editions of the journal. They're interesting nevertheless.

Volume 2, part 2, The Ancient Stone Crosses of Dartmoor and its Borderland
by William Crossing (author of "Amid Devonia's Alps", "Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies", "A Hundred Years on Dartmoor", etc), 1902.

Exeter Churches by Beatrix F Cresswell, 1908 ("Notes on the history, fabrics and features of interest in the churches of the deanery of Christianity, Devon").

Volume 4, part 2, The History of Devonshire Scenery: an Essay in Geographical Evolution, by Arthur W Clayden, Principal of the Royal Albert Memorial College, Exeter, 1906

Volume 11, part 2 - The misericords of Exeter Cathedral by Kate M Clarke, 1920.


Mike Steer said...

Thanks for making these back numbers available. They're invaluable. It's very generous of the DHS to have done this.

Ray Girvan said...

Thanks, Mike, but we can't take the credit, which is down to Google and the Internet Archive for their incredible work in scanning these out-of-copyright journals.
- Best,
Ray Girvan (DHS site maintainer)